Welcome to the Hope Reins Roundup! At the end of every month, we like to share a collection of announcements and stories exemplifying the true hope and real healing found at Hope Reins. We hope you enjoy reading how God is working in the lives of hurting kids, volunteers and generous supporters like you. 

1. Do You Like Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade?

The proverbial phrase “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” holds true in much of what we do at the ranch because of your support. You’ve blessed Hope Reins and our kids by helping transform pain and hopelessness into healing and hope. Because of donors like you, the ranch is a safe refuge where the story of rescue takes center stage as the heart of a hurting child and a horse connect.

Did you know we align with dozens of nonprofits that also serve kids in crisis? Our partners include the Salvation Army, Durham Rescue Mission and YMCA Community Hope, to name just a few. The kids come to the ranch for Group Sessions to experience hope outside their adverse circumstances at home.

We’ve almost raised $10,000 toward our goal for group programming. Would you consider making a $1,200, $300, or $30 donation to help us get to our goal today?


2. Twinkle Toes: Why Hope Reins’ tiny horse wears sneakers

Before heading back to school, most kids pick up a pair of new shoes because their feet grow (sometimes an entire size!) over the summer months.

Twinkle’s feet grow, too, and she’s made huge strides recently despite missing one-third of the coffin bone in both front hooves.  (The coffin bone is the foundation of the horse’s foot and provides strength and stability).

In a remarkable touch of creative hoof care, Hope Reins’ “fashion-forward” farrier, Lisa Ross, suggested the micro-miniature horse don a pair of sneakers to support her tiny, malformed feet.

Click here to watch a video and read more about our “Twinkle Toes,” and also check out WRAL’s coverage of the story here.


3. Meet your people: The Hope Reins’ volunteer leadership team

When you rely on an army of 200+ volunteers as a foundational machine to help drive your organization, it’s smart to take good care of them.

And, that’s exactly why Hope Reins formed the Volunteer Leadership Team.


4. Vacation destination: Hope Reins?

You probably enjoyed a recent summer vacation.  The beach? Perhaps hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains?  Or maybe you drove cross-country to visit family?

We thought you’d enjoy knowing that your favorite nonprofit, Hope Reins, is becoming a bit of a vacation destination in its own right.


5. Hope Reins field trip

Over the summer, Hope Reins’ staff took a field trip to the former, rented property that served us so well during our formative years.

It was a sweet trip down memory lane as we meandered through tall grass and overgrown paths while reminiscing about our many firsts.

First horse. First staff member. First arena. Our very first session kid, Marcus, discovered friendship and trust with our Shetland Pony, Gabe, in the pastures of this special place. The list of first could go on and on…