You probably enjoyed a recent summer vacation.  The beach? Perhaps hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains?  Or maybe you drove cross-country to visit family?

We thought you’d enjoy knowing that your favorite nonprofit, Hope Reins, is becoming a bit of a vacation destination in its own right.

Thanks to the national exposure of “Joey,” the true story of our blind Appaloosa horse, dozens of folks punched Hope Reins into their GPS and  paid us a visit this summer!

The Tash family from Huntsville, Alabama, joined us for Barn Chores in July. “They worked their tails off, sweeping cobwebs and scrubbing floors,” says Hope Reins staffer Lory Schuler. “Their daughter, Caroline, loves horses and wanted to see the ranch.”

Another family from Robbinsville, New Jersey, headed for summer vacation on the North Carolina coast, decided to make their first stop at Hope Reins.   According to Adam Regen, his 13-year-old daughter, Sydney, became a huge fan after reading “Joey.”


Sydney hanging out with Spirit at Hope Reins.

 “She saved up her allowance to make a donation to Hope Reins,” says Adam. But instead of mailing the money, he surprised Sydney with a stop on the family’s way to the beach.

“We had an amazing time,” says Adam.

And finally, what does one do before enlisting in the military? You visit Hope Reins, of course!

Karlee Hamlin from Chicopee, Massachusetts, became so moved after reading “Joey,” that she scheduled a trip to Hope Reins before going on active duty this fall.

Says Karlee: “Hope Reins will always hold a place in my heart after my visit. I can’t wait to follow your story and hear about others who are inspired, too.”


 Karlee (left) with her cousin, Elizabeth, who lives in Durham.

We are so humbled by our fans and thankful for talented supporters like Jennifer Marshall Bleakley, who captured Hope Reins’ humble beginnings and Joey’s life so eloquently in her book.

Hope to see you soon at the ranch!

PS. Remember, you can sign up for a Stories of Hope Tour at Hope Reins here.