Ready to Become a Servant at Hope Reins?

One of the three ways we ask supporters to help Hope Reins is by becoming one of our servants. Some of our kids even eventually become some of our best servants.

There’s a place for everyone to serve at Hope Reins and help children find real hope and true healing. Whether it’s helping train the horses, cleaning out the fields, teaching kids to fish, or helping with administration, we could definitely use your help! We even encourage you to make it a family or a church project.

Here are some of the ways you or your group can serve at Hope Reins:

Ways for Individuals to Serve:

  • Program Team
    • Working with kids and their families in programming
  • Feeding Team
    • Support the well-being of the herd by preparing and feeding grain, hay and water
  • Equine Wellness Team
    • Provide for the medical and daily care needs of our herd
  • Equine Training Team
    • Use natural horsemanship to prepare our herd to bond with hurting kids
  • Barn Chores Team
    • Welcome newcomers & help participants experience life on the Ranch at Barn Chores
  • Ranch Hands Team
    • Assist with ongoing upkeep on the property that keeps Hope Reins going
  • Community Garden Team
    • Tend to our community garden in all of its seasons
  • Administrative Support Team
    • Assist with various administrative and organizational needs
  • Events Team
    • Make our guest experience exceptional by helping us host with excellence and care
  • Development Team
    • Help us engaging the community on our cause through giving

Join us for a tour of the ranch and our program any Saturday morning at 10am to learn more about getting involved with Hope Reins.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us!

Ways for Kids to Serve

Kids want to help other kids. Here are a couple of ways your children can serve the children, youth, and horses of Hope Reins.

  • Buckets of Love
    • Buckets of Love contain a “bottomless bucket” of kid-friendly fundraising ideas full of photos and personalized bios of each Hope Reins’ horse to involve kids in our cause. By filling up your bucket with donations from fundraisers, you directly support our horses and session kids. Hang onto the bucket for thirty days, fill it to the brim, and partner with us as we provide true Hope and real healing!
  • Barn Chores
    • Barn Chores is a family-friendly service opportunity, welcoming kids in the community to come to Hope Reins every Saturday morning, 8:30-11:30.   Without your help, maintaining our facilities would be impossible. Kids and teens are encouraged to coordinate with their class, service clubs, or youth groups to participate in service projects together.

Ways for Groups to Serve:

  • Join us every Saturday for Farm Chores
    • From 8:30AM until 11:30am, the farm is open to the public, so bring your friends and family to help us prepare the farm for the following weeks’ programs while enjoying the great outdoors. NO sign-up, just SHOW up!
    • We also hold property tours each Saturday at 10am. This is an opportunity for you to better understand what Hope Reins is all about, meet some great horses, and hear how you can further engage in our cause! In order to become a volunteer, it is neccessary that you come out for a tour.
    • We hope to see you next Saturday!
  • Schedule A Group Service Project
    • We love hosting group service projects on Saturday mornings. Gather your co-workers, youth groups, church small groups, or school groups and come complete a service project together on the farm! Fill out the form below and we will be in touch to confirm a date!

Become a Volunteer

Would you consider donating your time or financial resources toward our ministry helping hurting kids find true hope and real healing? Signup to volunteer as a Hope Reins servant below.

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