The Path of Hope & Healing
From Crisis to Resilience

We are privileged to serve kids aged 5-18 and their families at no cost to them through our ranch, rescued horses and restoration in Christ.

Did you know North Carolina kids and their families are caught in a mental health crisis? A new study by the Journal of the American Medical Association shows only half the kids in our state facing emotional trauma received treatment or counseling last year. The Journal ranked North Carolina last when it comes to children and teens, aged 6-18, getting the help they need. We find this unacceptable.

A child or teen experiencing an acute crisis need the foundational elements of a healthy relationship: safety and trust. Rescued horses have a unique way of connecting to these needs through their own stories of rescue and restoration. Through establishing a safe and caring relationship, a person of faith and a rescued horse can help them begin the process of healing: From crisis to resilience.

Our Path of Hope & Healing reframes how kids in crisis are viewed. We ask “What happened to you?” Instead of, “What’s wrong with you?” This paradigm shift allows kids to understand that crisis and chaos come from the outside IN. There’s nothing inherently wrong with THEM.

  • Year 1: Establishes foundational elements of safety and trust with 90-minute, one-on-one sessions between a caring mentor and horse.
  • Year 2: Deepens relationships with peers in mentor-led small groups while learning the foundational skills of healthy communication and boundaries in group sessions.
  • Year 3: Focuses on thriving in life beyond Hope Reins. Kids Give Back creates leaders desiring to grow and give back to the ranch through service, advocacy, leadership, and mentorship.

Hope Reins utilizes the Path of Hope & Healing to help kids from crisis to resilience:

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