Superheroes for Hope $175,000 Goal: 65%

Use your superpowers today!

Strength. Courage. Compassion. These are a few of the innate qualities – or superpowers – that you share with the heroic horses at Hope Reins. But the power to heal at the ranch begins with you. Because these gentle giants, your ‘hooves’ on the ground, require an immense amount of tender loving care from you..


Our Superheroes

From super strength, to supersonic hearing, your generosity supercharges our heroic horses. So they can help kids heal from trauma. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to unmask the herd so you can discover more about each heroic horse and the special superpower they possess.


Support Hope & Healing

Heroic hearts like yours support kids right in your own backyard. Those desperate for the life-changing, equine services that help them heal. Recover. And, build resilience. All at absolutely no charge to them.