When you rely on an army of 200+ volunteers as a foundational machine to help drive your organization, it’s smart to take good care of them.

And, that’s exactly why Hope Reins formed the Volunteer Leadership Team.

“Our ranch is literally run by volunteers,” says Hope Reins Vice President Barbara Foulkrod. “And what’s wonderful is that these particular volunteers are willing to lead others on behalf of the kids we serve.”

According to Barbara, the team of about a dozen volunteers and several staff members meet monthly to champion Hope Reins’ culture, relationships and especially the mission.  They are the conduit between Hope Reins staff and volunteers.

“As a ministry, we are called to work for His glory together, and the Volunteer Leadership Team is a beautiful representation of this.”

The team includes a number of professionals and retirees including an environmental consultant, former teacher, horticulturist, helicopter pilot and naval architect.

Member Ron Weisenfeld says he remembers solving a communication issue with the team for some of his feeders, a group he leads at the ranch.  “Feeding the horses is a critically important job, but it also tends to be rather mechanical,” says Ron. “We had some folks who felt disconnected from Hope Reins’ true mission of helping kids.”

The Team solved the issue by integrating stories that highlighted the kids Hope Reins serves into weekly communications.

Longtime volunteers, Dru and Anne Sanders, serve on the team together.

Needless to say, we appreciate our Volunteer Leadership Team and its commitment to everything HOPE REINS!

P.S. Did you know? In 2018 our volunteers served enough hours to equal 17 full time employees with a market value of almost $700,000?

It pays to volunteer at Hope Reins!

Thanks for Giving Hope.