You’ve Got the Power to Help Jeremiah Heal.

Ten-year-old Jeremiah liked the COVID mask mandate. He could hide his scars from classmates and the prying eyes of strangers.

But healing his deep, emotional wounds from a horrific pit bull attack is something he needs your help with today.

(Jeremiah: The face of courage.)

Five years ago, Jeremiah was viciously attacked in the face and throat by a pit bull.

Clinging to life, Jeremiah was placed in an induced coma and endured a 5-month hospital stay with over 10 surgeries. Before the attack, he loved to box and dance.

He still does, but says he likes horses now, too.

You have the power to fill Jeremiah with love, trust and self-confidence – making him bolder and braver than ever before.

How? By providing feed and critical care for his trusted companion, Spirit, and 16 other heroic horses that help kids heal from trauma.

BEST OF ALL: Your gift is DOUBLED IMMEDIATELY … $100 is $200; $1,000 is $2,000! And so on … up to $75,000!

You know Jesus is the one, true Healer. But it’s your generosity that starts the journey of faith and healing for kids like Jeremiah.

Give a gift today and be a Superhero for Hope!   Thank you.


In Hope,

Kim Tschirret
Founder & CEO
Hope Reins