100 Kairos Kids Launch

Do you remember 6-year-old Maria?

Her story of brutal abuse, rescue, and 200-mile commute from Virginia to Hope Reins for services profoundly stirred our heart – and yours.

And guess what? The ranch is now her ‘safe place.’ With her shoulders back, chin up and grinning ear to ear, Maria proudly escorted her foster mom, Amanda, around the 33-acre property during a recent visit. “She’s opening up and talking a lot more, which is helping the healing process,” says Amanda.

Thank you for making it possible for Maria and other Kairos Kids to discover hope and healing this year.

I want to introduce you to a few other Kairos Kids—Thomas, Eduardo, and sisters Annabelle and Michaela. Watch their stories:

You helped redirect the course of their lives by pointing them to Hope when all they faced was despair.

Thank you for being their champion.

But we’re not done yet.

Today, we begin our 2018 Kairos Kids Campaign. With your support, a record-breaking 100 Kairos Kids in severe trauma will be served next year — free of charge. One hundred kids facing enormous hardships will receive the gift of Hope for an entire season! We’ve got quite the long Christmas List.

Give big or give small. But, please consider donating a gift today. We simply can’t do it without you. Remember: Every dollar you give to Kairos Kids will be matched up to $150,000. Double your gift.

Would you consider giving hope to one of the 100 Kairos Kids waiting on our Christmas List by making a donation today to cover the cost of their sessions?

Support Hope & Healing!

Would you consider becoming a ranch visitor, making a one-time donation, or joining our mailing list and donating your time toward our ministry helping hurting kids find true hope and real healing?