Treasured Ministries Podcast: A Woman’s Quest to Help Children Heal from Trauma

ICYMI: Earlier this week, we were honored to have our Founder & CEO, Kim Tschirret, interviewed on the Treasured Ministries podcast.

On the episode, we discussed our quest to help children heal from trauma. If you would like to listen to the episode, hear it below, or visit:

“Her love of horses, Jesus, and first-hand knowledge of living as a child of abuse and trauma gave Kim Tschirret, Founder & CEO of Hope Reins, the heart and passion to start an organization to help kids and families in similar circumstances.

Hope Reins is a Raleigh nonprofit that pairs kids in crisis with rescued horses to help them find hope and healing.

Ready for inspiration? I am soooooooo excited to share today’s podcast with you. So many beautiful nuggets of wisdom inside today’s podcast as well as hope for this timeless biblical truth: Jesus heals broken hearts. He can take the ashes of our past to create eternal beauty.”