Dear Friends of Hope Reins,

Welcome to the Hope Reins Roundup! At the end of every month, we like to share a collection of announcements and stories exemplifying the true hope and real healing found at Hope Reins. We hope you enjoy reading how God is working in the lives of hurting kids, volunteers and generous supporters like you. 

1. Red, White and Blue Roundup

We’re setting off fireworks early to celebrate your generous sponsorship of all 80 campers for Summer of Smiles at Hope Reins!

This means 80 underserved kids from partner organizations like Durham Rescue Mission, Refugee Hope, and The Salvation Army will hike, fish, build birdhouses, tie-dye t-shirts, ride horses and learn about Jesus at the ranch because of your support!   This is a record-breaking number of scholarships! Thank you!

Another major reason to celebrate this 4th of July?  Our Clydesdale, Tessa, passed her 90-day-trial at Hope Reins with flying colors!
Tessa and her trainer, Karen.

2. Update on Tessa’s Progress

Tessa became an official member of the Hope Reins herd in June (click here to read her story).

“She has the kindest heart, but is enormous and remarkably agile,” says Equine Manager Elizabeth Kennon.  So it was imperative the Equine Training Team teach Tessa a common language to ensure clear communication and boundaries before the Clydesdale began sessions with kids.

“Drafts like Tessa are bred to push into pressure, so they basically plow through life,” says Elizabeth. “We needed her to learn the opposite and move away from pressure.”  And, to everyone’s delight, Tessa transformed during months of training with Karen. “They have such a beautiful, trusting relationship.”

Karen adds: “She’s overcome her fearfulness of virtually everything at the ranch, from geese and traffic sounds to mounted ceiling fans and water troughs.”

Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” should be Tessa’s theme, says Karen smiling, because she’s still got a lot of fight in her despite early years of severe neglect in Pennsylvania.

But truly, Karen says, her strong desire for connection has been the fuel for her successful journey at Hope Reins. “Tessa allows those she trusts to show her the way,”

“I liken her learning breakthrough to the scene in the Miracle Worker,” laughs Elizabeth.  “The whole world opened up for Helen Keller once she understood things around her by using a universal language – and it has for Tessa.”

Emma with Tessa

Kids experiencing trauma and life crisis relate to Tessa’s journey and especially the concept of conquering fear and choosing trust.

“Tessa has so many fans already,” says Karen, but there’s one little girl in particular who is singularly focused on the Clydesdale’s well-being.

“I love Tessa and can feel how much she loves me back,” says 10-year-old Emma. “Before coming to Hope Reins, I was upset a lot of the time. But Tessa teaches me how to be calm and respect boundaries.”

Welcome home, Tessa.  It sounds to us like your long journey was worth the wait!

3. Event Cancelation:  Hoofin’ It for Hope 2019

We regret to inform all of our volunteers and supporters that Hoofin’ It for Hope will be cancelled this year due to conflicting events at the ranch.

We are so appreciative of all the hikers who have turned out over the last several years to support the cause of hope and healing for our kids.