We recently had a visit from a talented journalist from North Carolina Health News to delve into just why Hope Reins’ equine therapy program helps kids.  And, thanks to a courageous family willing to share their own personal journey of hope and healing – here’s your chance to learn why, too!  Enjoy!

“Kathleen Evans credits her son’s emotional transformation to his time spent on a therapeutic 33-acre horse ranch located between Raleigh and Durham.

Three years ago, her son, Thomas Evans, was released from his second hospitalization at the age of 9. He was struggling with obsessive-compulsive disorder and had recently left a seven-month stay at the Wright School, a residential mental health program for children with emotional and behavioral disorders.

Thomas’ self-esteem was poor. He’d been bullied by other kids and he wrestled with thoughts of self-harm.

Because her son loves animals so much, Evans looked for a program where he could interact with them and grow socially. She found Hope Reins.

Hope Reins is a faith-based, nonprofit program that pairs children working through crisis situations with horses, many of whom have been rescued from traumatic environments. It’s a cost-free service for children and their families, and many could not afford this type of service elsewhere.

The core therapy offered by Hope Reins is a 90-minute individual session for a child with a horse and a session leader. During the first visit, a child is introduced to all the horses on the ranch, and they learn each horse’s story of recovery.

The idea is that a child often identifies with a horse’s past trauma — whether it’s neglect, starvation, or abuse — and chooses to build a relationship with the animal moving forward.”

Read More: https://www.northcarolinahealthnews.org/2018/12/28/hope-reins-uses-rescued-horses-to-help-children-in-crisis/