Kairos Kids Funded: 83/100

Give 100 Kairos Kids Hope this Christmas

Kairos (ˈkīräs) in Greek means “opportune moment.” Over the last two years, we’ve seen an ever-increasing number of applicants from kids who come to the ranch in a moment of severe crisis. At Hope Reins, our Kairos Kids are these individuals that we’ve identified as urgently needing the opportunity to have the one-on-one sessions our ranch provides.

Our yearly Kairos Kids giving campaign and your financial gifts are the primary way we are able to intercede immediately with free, in-depth services offering these kids much-needed hope and healing.

We currently have 100 Kairos Kids waiting on our Christmas List. 

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Read the giving levels on this page’s the donation form. Remember, Kairos Kids receive personal one-on-one sessions all year long!
  2. Know that every dollar you give will be MATCHED up to $150K! Whatever amount you give is doubled!
  3. Share this page online with your family and friends, and encourage them to add a Kairos Kid sponsorship to this year’s Christmas List.

With your support, a record-breaking 100 Kairos Kids in severe trauma will be served next year—free of chargeOne hundred kids facing enormous hardships will receive the gift of Hope for an entire season! We’ve got quite the long Christmas List.

Give big or give small. But, please consider donating a gift today. We simply can’t do it without you. Remember: Every dollar you give to Kairos Kids will be matched up to $150,000. Double your gift.

We’re asking you to add Giving Hope to your Christmas List this holiday season by helping us cross a Kairos Kids off our waiting list.

Snow melts, but Hope endures because of you.  Thanks for giving Hope!

Check out some of our Kairos Kids stories below:

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