Thomas spent his first session for summer camp at Hope Reins crouched on the floor of the welcome center refusing to budge. Kathleen had been so hopeful her son’s passion for animals would outweigh his relentless anxiety. The situation looked bleak.

But today, almost 100 sessions later, Thomas now leads prayer with his peers, enjoys new friendships, and most importantly, shows no signs of the self-harm that caused the family to hospitalize tenderhearted “Tommy” three years ago. 

 “Hope Reins saved his life,” says Kathleen.

I share this story with you because sessions heal.  And as a supporter, you not only allow Kathleen to tuck her son into bed every night, but you helped transform the lives for other Kairos Kids last year, just like Tommy.

When we identify a child or teen as a Kairos Kid, we believe the immediate, consistent free services Hope Reins provides positively redirect their painful path and offer healing.

And in 2018, after recognizing our first full year of enrolling only Kairos Kids, we’ve got some remarkable, tangible results!

Not only were we able to increase the number of sessions offered, but parents reported almost a 20 percent increase in positive impact. In addition, 93 percent of them witnessed improvement in the issue that brought the child or teen to Hope Reins.  Finally, a whopping 100 percent of our parents said Hope Reins reduced anxiety and/or depression in their child/teen.

We are so thankful for you.

Without you and your unwavering support, showcasing these many accomplishments in the Hope Reins 2018 Annual Report, would not be possible.

Thank you!