Project Description

Cate’s Story!

Seven-year-old Cate lost her twin brother in a terrible accident the day after Christmas in 2016.

Kairos Kids like Cate experience pain no child should endure alone, so at Hope Reins we serve them all year long, completely free of charge.

That’s why we made it snow for her.  Because we believe, like you do, that hurting kids need JOY – especially at Christmas.

Most of all – they need HOPE. All year long.

We’re asking you to add Giving Hope to your Christmas List this holiday season by helping us cross a Kairos Kids off our waiting list.

Snow melts, but Hope endures because of you.

Will you help us sponsor 100 Kairos Kids on our waiting list with stories like Cate’s? Visit to learn how you can give hope this holiday season.

Thanks for giving Hope!

Support Hope & Healing!

Supporting the care of horses enables us to continue offering free programs to our kids, but caring for them is not cheap. They require a great deal of food, grooming and veterinary care.

Would you consider making a donation towards Kairos Kids like Cate?


Support Hope & Healing

Heroic hearts like yours support kids right in your own backyard. Those desperate for the life-changing, equine services that help them heal. Recover. And, build resilience. All at absolutely no charge to them.