Caleb’s Story!

Name: Caleb
Breed: Registered Appaloosa
Color: Dun
Sex: Male
Arrival: Spring 2021

The name Caleb in Hebrew means “wholehearted.”  And, that’s a great description for this gentle, kind and friendly boy.  

After losing all of his herd mates to old age, Caleb lived with his loving human owners in Wilmington, but was very lonely.  “He would whinny at people when they’d come by,” says Amy, who had purchased Caleb to be her trail horse. 

Amy and her husband knew Caleb needed companions and a new family.  When they heard about Hope Reins, they knew God could use Caleb for greater purposes to help kids. “We are only stewards of what God provides for us,” says Amy.  “We want to use what he’s given us to accomplish something that matters.”

Caleb’s story resonates with kids who face loss such as the death of a parent.   Bereaved kids build grief-processing skills while learning how to cope and understand their feelings.  Caleb shows them that despite heartache, you can build resilience and learn to love again, just like he has done with his new herd at Hope Reins.

Welcome Caleb!

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