Peter’s Story!

Name: Peter
Breed: Registered Appaloosa
Color: Leopard
Sex: Male
Arrival: Spring 2021

Peter’s former owner knows the healing power of a horse when paired with a hurting child or teen.  Because she experienced it firsthand. “I was born with a cleft palate and was bullied mercilessly,” says Jewell.  “Horses became my refuge.”

Jewell raised Peter from the age of 4 months and recently, at the ripe ‘old’ age of 20, she donated him to Hope Reins.  

And, Peter is not just an ordinary horse.  He is truly a hero.

He spent the better part of his life assisting Jewell in rescue and rehabilitation work.  “He trained first responders in disaster relief,” she says.

For example, in hurricanes and dangerous flooding situations, fatigued horses need life-saving flotation devices and harnesses to save them from drowning.  Peter would be immersed in lake water while rescue teams practiced rescue techniques on him.

Peter also helped rehabilitate rescued horses.  “I’ve paired him with everything from wild horses to orphaned foals.   He’s been an amazing partner in healing.”

“It’s a bittersweet goodbye,” she says, “But I know Hope Reins is meant to be his new home.”  Jewell continues her passion in helping animals of all kinds as the manager of Pender County’s Animal Shelter.  She also owns Horton’s Rehab Ranch, just outside of Wilmington. 

We are so grateful to you, Jewell!

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