Project Description

Patience’s Story!

As a 6-year-old in Uganda, Patience grew up quickly. She assumed the role as caregiver in an orphanage to her two younger siblings after HIV/AIDS devastated her family.

And although the American home the threesome ultimately joined provided stability, love and support, shedding the past was difficult for Patience.  “She was so serious and withdrawn before coming to the ranch,” says Shannon, Patience’s Mom.  “She smiles and laughs so much more.”

Even though she learned to be ‘present’ to herself and enjoy the individual attention, Patience loved the fact that her five siblings could be engaged right along with her at the ranch.  “Ultimately,” says Shannon, “through time at Hope Reins, Patience allowed herself to just be a kid, learn to laugh and choose ‘joy.’”

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Heroic hearts like yours support kids right in your own backyard. Those desperate for the life-changing, equine services that help them heal. Recover. And, build resilience. All at absolutely no charge to them.