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Lazeah’s Story!

Most people view Lazeah as a problem, instead of a boy who needs compassion and understanding,” says his mom, Lisa.  “But Hope Reins has always been there for us. And for that, I’m forever grateful.”

Child Protective Services rescued Lazeah from an abusive home environment at age four. Lisa and her husband adopted him shortly thereafter, but the journey’s been tough.

“He’d never experienced safety,” says Lisa about her now 15-year-old son.  And, according to trauma experts, when a child faces danger early in life, they form ‘protective’ behaviors for survival. In Lazeah’s case, it manifested itself into increased aggression, anger and defiance.  Despite being moved into a safe environment, kids like Lazeah have a hard time retraining the ‘survival muscles’ that protected them before.

“But being at a safe place like Hope Reins has been transformative for Lazeah.

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