Foot Soaking and Healing. Watch Thomas’ Transformation.

Have you ever enjoyed a good foot soaking?  (You might need it after all your Christmas shopping!) Aside from relieving stress and easing painful muscle cramps, foot soaking also

A Grieving Young Boy. AFTER: Watch this Video.

Let me tell you about a gift given many years ago by generous people just like you! It wasn't fruitcake. Or, another pair of socks. It was a Christmas

Caden’s Heartwarming Full Story. Don’t Miss this Video.

 The Christmas Gift X2   22 Kids Sponsored.    28 to Go! I can't wait for you to watch Caden's full video today. It's a glimpse into how you're

Look What You Did in 24 Hours for the Kids & Horses!

The Christmas Gift You Sponsored 7 Kids in 24 Hours! Dear , You moved The Christmas Gift Meter by 7 kids during "Giving Tuesday, (AKA Triple Tuesday!).

You Hold Twice the Power Today to Help Caden.

I know you have a huge heart for our kids. And unfortunately, the pain they face never takes a holiday, even at Christmas. There's one boy in particular

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