Sad News From the Ranch.

It was a little less than a month ago that I updated you on Hope Reins losing Buddy, one of our original rescued horses.

And sadly, I need to let you know that another one of our very first horses, Jesse, who was 30 years old, was laid to rest today.

Two weeks ago, Jesse suffered a serious impaction colic and through multiple vet visits, we discovered that she had developed a condition in which her soft pallet became swollen and trapped her epiglottis.  Because of this, food was going down her windpipe when she swallowed.

She also had ulcers along that region of her throat. These conditions all made it painful and difficult for her to eat.

After consulting with the NC State Vet school, it became evident she wasn’t a candidate for surgery and that the most humane and honorable thing we could do was to help our beautiful girl die with dignity — free from pain.

Jesse was an amazing testimony of perseverance for the kids you so lovingly support.

When she was rescued, her whole body bore the evidence of harsh treatment — a gimpy hind leg, an emaciated, scarred body and only half a tongue.

But over the years, Jesse learned to trust her new human companions and taught the hurting kids at Hope Reins how God can soften any heart, redeem any wrong, and most importantly, heal any wound.

Your generosity rewrote Jesse’s story of pain into an example of triumphant healing for countless kids.

Thank you.

In Hope,

Kim Tschirret
Founder & CEO
Hope Reins

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