I’d like to personally invite you to join in our next step before reopening Hope Reins: 

It’s a 30-minute ‘virtual’ event that will be held Thursday, May 7, from NOON – 12:30 PM live streaming.  (Join us early at 11:45 AM for the pre-show).

And guess what? Any donation you make toward our Hope Lives Here Virtual Event is instantly DOUBLED by a generous donor up to $25,000!

Hope, multiplied.

You are a hero to our kids and horses because even in light of COVID-19, you are making Hope Reins STRONGER than ever before!  You’re standing up for the kids and horses with your generous donation, despite the cancellation of our annual fundraising luncheon this month (leaving Hope Reins with a $230,000 shortfall!)

Thank you for being a champion of Hope and healing.

Hope Lives Here Virtual Event gives you the power to ensure the kids and horses you so generously support will experience a Hope Reins that is stronger than ever after COVID-19!  RESERVE YOUR SEAT TODAY! 



RememberIf you can’t make the 20-minute live event, you can watch it recorded on our website, hopereins.org.  Also, the event is live via our website – so no logging into Zoom or any other app. And all online donations go through Hope Reins’ regular donate page. No additional fees.  Or, you can always mail a check to: Hope Reins, 8420 Wake Forest Highway, Raleigh, NC 27613.  

Please stay in touch with Hope Reins through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Also, let us know how we can be praying for you, your family, or other loved ones through this pandemic at prayer@hopereins.org.

Thank you for being a part of the Hope Reins community.


Hope Lives Here Virtual Event Sponsored by:

In Hope,


Kim Tschirret
Founder & CEO
Hope Reins