Welcome to the Hope Reins Roundup! At the end of every month, we like to share a collection of announcements and stories exemplifying the true hope and real healing found at Hope Reins. We hope you enjoy reading how God is working in the lives of hurting kids, volunteers and generous supporters like you. 

1. Discover how beer helps out Clydesdale

You might think the only connection our Clydesdale Tessa has with beer is her identical breed to the iconic team of Budweiser Clydesdale horses you see on television commercials.

But as you’ll discover, the adult beverage – specifically dark beer — recently became a dietary staple in Tessa’s daily feedings at Hope Reins.


2. Summer Camp Photo Album

Ahhhh…The lazy days of summer. It’s hot and you’re moving slowly so we decided to give you minimal work, including any extra reading!

Instead – enjoy the visual delights of Summer Camp at Hope Reins with our precious kids and horses!

Thank you to Becca Mill, our amazing, long-time photographer.

3. Meet Ray and Dave; Two volunteers you want to know

On Saturday mornings, you’ll likely find Dave Guy and Ray Martin loitering around the Hope Reins welcome center by 7:00 AM. The coffee brews inside the lodge as the two crack a few jokes and munch on donuts before compiling a list of to-do’s with ranch manager, Brandon Wert.

The duo is preparing for 8:30 AM Barn Chores, an open door to anyone and everyone interested in volunteering or touring Hope Reins.

“They are as-good-as-it-gets volunteers,” says Brandon. “Not only do they understand and champion our vision, but they engage other volunteers and first-time guests with a contagious enthusiasm.”

Click here to continue reading about Ray and Dave’s story:

4. Be on the frontline of hope

Hope Reins is seeking 10 additional volunteers to serve weekly with our kids in crisis. Click here for more information. We are also hiring fall 2019 and 2020 Program Interns.  Discover how you can make a truly significant and lasting impact on the Hope Reins community.  Learn more & Apply.