Roots growing out. Unkempt beards. Chipped nails.

Our personal grooming habits have all suffered during the pandemic, one way or another.

The ranch you love is no different.

Thirty-eight acres of land that houses two ponds, a creek-side wooded trail, a 4,000 square foot cabin, a welcome center, a covered arena, dozens of lively gardens, and of course, 14 beloved horses spilling equine exhaust products, definitely requires maintenance.

And, under normal circumstances, an army of dedicated volunteers rake, mow, shovel, plant, plow and weed Hope Reins like it was their own slice of heaven.

But the last three months, even Hope Reins’ Ranch Manager extraordinaire, Brandon Wert, couldn’t keep up without help.

Thankfully, as COVID-19 restrictions have eased in our state, a handful of ranch hands and garden gurus faithfully popped up to help manicure the property.

It’s a good thing, too, because we had some special folks from USDA Rural Development visit the ranch.

Five years ago, this organization enabled Hope Reins to fulfill its dream of expanding its services by owning property.

“They believed in us,” says Kim Tschirret, Hope Reins founder & CEO.  “We were a relatively new nonprofit with no money in the bank. But the people at the USDA Rural Development had a heart for our hurting kids and loaned us $1 million to purchase land.”

USDA Rural Development State Director Robert Hosford, North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey, and North Carolina Farm Bureau Chief-of-Staff Peter Daniel toured Hope Reins and learned first-hand why the ranch you support is so special.

The agency also recently paved the way for Hope Reins to purchase an additional 5 acres to house additional horses and expand programming.  “It’s so satisfying to partner with an entity that is committed to our future growth and desire to serve more kids.”


 Robert Hosford speaks to a group of North Carolina representatives during a tour at Hope Reins.

You and champions like USDA-RD are why Hope Reins is one of North Carolina’s leading equine mentorship facilities.

We are honored to journey alongside you.  Thank you.

In Hope,

Kim Tschirret
Founder & CEO
Hope Reins