You’ve Been Cheering for Her All Along.

This is the kind of story I love sharing with you on a Friday afternoon.  It’s a story that offers you a glimpse into how your generosity transformed the life of a little girl forever. 

Bailey was a quiet, withdrawn child who had no confidence and no friends.  She struggled at school with grades and isolated herself so much that she was held back a year because she wouldn’t speak.

Her home life had been turbulent because of her mother’s mental illness, drug addiction and abandonment.  And, she had no contact with her father.   “I was so afraid the damage that had been done to her was irreversible,” says her grandmother, Trina, who is Bailey’s primary caregiver.

But your gifts made it possible for Bailey to enroll at Hope Reins last year where she was paired with our beautiful, white Appaloosa, Peter, and a kind and caring mentor, Teda.

“Bailey has a natural affinity for animals,” says Teda, “but she also needed a friend like Peter who would go slow and have no expectations of her.”

At first, Peter would just rest his head on Bailey’s shoulder and wait patiently for her to engage, says Teda. Week after week, Bailey’s confidence grew as she worked with Peter — and so did her desire to explore how her new-found skills would help her at school.

“I encouraged her to find a spot at school where she could use her leadership skills.  And, she decided to try out for cheerleading,” says Teda.

Bailey’s grandmother could hardly believe what she was seeing.  “She just bloomed into this courageous force and not only made the cheerleading team, but she was named the flyer!”

You are drawing such great beauty out of a broken world with your generosity.

Thank you on behalf of Bailey and all the kids you support at Hope Reins.

Have a wonderful weekend!

In Hope,

Kim Tschirret
Founder & CEO
Hope Reins

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