One Year Later: The Wounds of a Brother & Sister Are Healing Because of You.

I asked you to help a suffering family about a year ago. And, as always, you consulted your generous heart and answered, yes.

A father had been shot and killed by his ex-wife in the family’s kitchen. As the tragic scene unfolded, their two young children were in a nearby room. Rushing to their dad’s side, they held him as he died.

They lost their father that day as well as their mother, who is now in prison facing trial.

Where do two frightened, traumatized kids turn after such a horror?

Because of you, they could turn to Hope Reins.

“I don’t have the words to express what Hope Reins has done for these kids,” says Mary Ann, paternal grandmother and legal guardian to Sam, 10, and Rachel, 11. Until recently, both kids had bottled up their emotions and could not talk about the incident, says Mary Ann. “I knew in God’s time, they’d find the strength to face the nightmare we’ve all suffered through.”

Because of your gifts, both Sam and Rachel have developed safe, trusting relationships with both their mentors and favorite horses, fortifying their fragile emotional states. Which has allowed them to remember, grieve, and know there’s true hope and real healing ahead.

Your generous heart heals deep wounds for victims of trauma. Thank you, on behalf of this very grateful family.

32 of 70 kids funded for 2023 equine mentorship services.

Will you give a Christmas gift?

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