Before the Weekend: This will put a smile on your face.

I love sharing happiness with you.

You know how painful life can be, especially for kids and their families affected by acute trauma.

But you offer them a place of solace. A 38-acre ranch where God masterfully intersects the hearts of generous people like you with the sole mission of offering comfort, hope and healing to kids who hurt.

Kids like Cate.

Hope Reins was her safe sactuary after her twin brother died in a terrible accident in 2016, the day after Christmas.

An unmanned dump truck careened down a hill and rolled into the family’s front yard where 5-year-old Everett played, killing him instantly.

Cate and her family picked up the pieces of their life at Hope Reins.

“Just getting through that first year seemed insurmountable,” says Ashley, Cate’s mom.

“But, I remember our first day at the ranch, we felt like we were the only people that mattered. We were surrounded by calm and people with such compassion.”

The 7-year-old flourished at the ranch, befriending a white pony named Shiloh and learning not only how to trust again, but to feel safe and understood.

It’s been a few years since we’ve seen Cate. She and her family moved to Vermot, but last week they stopped in for a visit. And, it was such a joyful reunion!

(Left to right: Cate’s mentor, Hilary Schultz,  sister Madelyn, Cate and her mom, Ashley (standing), Tamee Schofield, Ashley’s listener, and Cate’s grandmother.)

Have a wonderful weekend! And, remember, YOU are the reason we can offer hope and healing to these precious kids and families. Thank you!


In Hope,

Kim Tschirret
Founder & CEO
Hope Reins

32 of 70 kids funded for 2023 equine mentorship services.

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