Do you know that you support a fishing program at Hope Reins? Your beautiful pond is teeming with fish, frogs, turtles, and fascinating plant life.

But it seems your fish are a bit lonely.  Apparently, they’ve sheltered in place too long.  How else can you explain a trio of boys catching over 100 individual fish in just 60 minutes?

“They were biting some hooks that didn’t even have bait,” laughed Heather, a Hope Reins session leader, who watched and tallied each catch.

The ‘big haul’ took place last week at the ranch during the boys’ first time back to sessions — and needless to say, cheers erupted for the three boys, grinning cheek to cheek.

Normally, March through June is high fishing season at the ranch with the annual Hope Reins Fishing Tournament taking place mid-May.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 sunk tournament plans. “We had a lot of disappointed boys,” says Heather.

Not to worry, though, because it seems the gauntlet has been thrown – or perhaps cast – in this case.

Announcing the Hope Reins Fishing Challenge 2020:  Beat the record 100 fish in 60 minutes and win a pizza party from Miltons!  (But, please, no anchovies.)

If you support Hope Reins services like our fishing program, would you consider making a $30 $50, $135 or more today towards our work providing activities like these that bring our kids hope and healing?

Thank you for supporting our kids, horses, and fish!

In Hope,

Kim Tschirret
Founder & CEO
Hope Reins