8,448 Mile Journey to Hope Reins.

As a super fan of Hope Reins, you’re probably already familiar with the book, Joey, written by former Hope Reins volunteer and now best-selling author, Jennifer Bleakley.

What you may not know is the tremendous impact Joey has had on the lives of others around the globe.

Just last week, we had a special guest from Mumbai, India.  Her name is Vani and she’s currently studying in the states to become an equine veterinarian.

Vani, pictured with Kim, our Founder, and Shawnte’ Williams, our director of development

To her delight and amazement,  she discovered Hope Reins was nearby where she’s been training!  “I read Joey years ago while in India,” Vani explained. “The book inspired me to follow my dream of not only working with horses, but to also start a ministry like Hope Reins.”

And although Christians in India represent only 2.6% of the population, reading Joey and learning about Hope Reins’ mission helped further cement Vani’s faith in God.

Tyndale Momentum published Joey almost fours year ago after Jennifer penned the story chronicling our early years and how Joey, a blind Appaloosa horse, discovered his light and purpose while inspiring everyone around him.

The true story has now sold over 100K copies (18 reprints) in the United States and Germany.

If you’ve not read the book, join Joey’s list of fans by purchasing it on Amazon today!

Have a wonderful week!

In Hope, 

Kim Tschirret
Founder & CEO
Hope Reins