Post Cancer Treatment: Best Friends.

Most 8-month-old babies can sit up, roll over, rock back and forth, or even crawl across the room.

But Ashton could do none of these things.

At 8 months old, he’d sat by himself in a baby carrier (didn’t have a bed or crib), was rarely held or even experienced human touch.   He was underweight and living in horrible conditions with extreme neglect.  And, he desperately needed someone to love him.

Thankfully, he and his older sister were rescued, placed in a loving foster home and both were recently adopted!

Now, at 5 years of age, he’s caught up physically but is still grappling with the serious emotional effects from trauma. “Ashton has a lot of fears,” says his mom, Mary. “His sense of safety and security was severely damaged when he was left as a baby to fend for himself.”

But because of your generosity, Ashton is slowly coming out of his shell.  And a loving mentor named Jenna and a beautiful Appaloosa horse are a big part of it!

“Ashton adores Jenna.  And when he met Peter and found out he was sick, that just tugged on his tender heart,” says Mary.

Even though Peter was going through his second round of cancer treatment for skin and ocular cancer (he had a temporary port placed near his eye), Ashton waited patiently week after week for him.

“He’d speak softly to Peter and tell him everything would be okay,” says Jenna.

And that’s what you do with your generous gifts.  You tell kids who are suffering and the horses they love, “that everything is going to be okay.”

If you’ve not made a gift yet to the Heroes for Hope Bridle Registry, would you do so today?

You’re ensuring that when one of the heroic horses gets sick, they’ll receive the absolute best health care because they’ve got a VERY IMPORTANT JOB: helping kids heal from terrible traumas.

And remember every gift you give today is matched dollar for dollar, up to an incredible $100,000!

Please consider pulling out your checkbook or visiting our website at Writing a check or donating online any amount will be DOUBLED immediately.

Thank you for your incredible generosity on behalf of Ashton and Peter.

In Hope,

Kim Tschirret
Founder & CEO
Hope Reins

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