As Christian author John Ortberg reminds us in his bestselling book When the Game is Over, It All Goes in the Box, the only real ‘winnings’ you claim and keep after death are your own soul and the love you have for Christ and each other.

Greg Poole, Jr.’s life exemplified this ideal. 

Mr. Poole, former President & CEO of Gregory Poole Equipment Company, lent his vast experience in construction and earthmoving to Hope Reins when we needed it most: five years ago after we moved into a newly purchased ranch.

Mr. Poole provided the needed machinery and an army of trained professionals and equipment operators to help transform a then former cattle ranch into a place today called Hope Reins.

His love for our hurting kids fueled his never-ending generosity and desire to complete whatever job needed to be done – even if it meant climbing aboard one of his excavators and grading our pastures (which by the way, he loved to do!).

He also had an amazing connection with our staff and enjoyed many lively conversations with them over coffee and donuts or BBQ lunch.

When Mr. Poole passed away in 2018, he left behind a city that felt his influence at every turn.

Greg Poole, Jr. Ranch House.

(Greg Poole, Jr. Ranch House.)

He and his father developed MacGregor Downs, Lochmere, and MacGregor Park. In his later years, he worked tirelessly advocating for the establishment of the Dorothea Dix Park in Raleigh.

But his character and love of people will be remembered the most, according to his son, Gregory Poole III. “My father’s life was framed by his high school class motto, ‘Building for Character, Not for Fame.'”

Greg and his wife, Emily, have carried forth Mr. Poole’s love for the ranch and generosity by building the Greg Poole, Jr. Ranch House at Hope Reins in his honor.

“One of his greatest concerns for Hope Reins’ future was our ability to attract and retain high-caliber talent like Brandon for the vital position of Ranch Manager,” says CEO & Founder Kim Tschirret.

The Gregory Poole Jr. Ranch House not only honors Greg’s legacy but also fulfills his desire to provide a private, secure home with a lifetime impact for many ranch managers to come.

(Ranch Manager Brandon Wert, his wife, Jodi, and dog, Billie.)

In Hope,

Kim Tschirret
Founder & CEO
Hope Reins