There’s someone you need to meet. Her name is Lorraine Whoberry.

She’s an accomplished author, national podcaster and most importantly, advocate for survivors of traumatic crime.

Lorraine traveled to Hope Reins from her Ohio home last year to learn about equine mentorship.

“I wish Kristie would have had a Hope Reins,” said Lorraine after she’d toured the ranch.

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Twenty years ago, a stalker stabbed to death Lorraine’s daughter, Stacie, and left her other teenager, Kristie, critically injured.

Her 14-year-old’s decade journey back from despair was riddled with alcohol, drugs, arrests and unbelievable pain. “If we’d had Hope Reins, I think Kristie’s struggle would have looked totally different.”

I share this story with you for a reason. Even though Kristie eventually recovered from her trauma and today is a healthy, happy mother of three, she and Lorraine suffered greatly.

Psychology Today calls traumatic experiences “broken bones of the soul.” And if you don’t heal them, they remain porous and weak. Fear, helplessness and loss continue to circumvent healing.

That’s why we are so thankful for supporters like you. Because you are a warrior for healing. You give safe refuge to kids and families so they can get better.

This week, our gates opened for 2020 sessions and for many, healing at the ranch will help light an otherwise very dark situation at home.

We are incredibly thankful you could join us for another year of hope and healing.