You Knew. Even Before WRAL and 60 Minutes.

You knew, before COVID-19.  You knew well before the pandemic that kids faced extraordinary shortfalls in getting the mental health care they needed.

That’s why you’ve been part of a compassionate coalition of generous people who support the life-saving equine mentorship services for kids  at Hope Reins.  Free of charge because of you.  Thank you.

Now, the world is catching up.  Triangle-area TV station WRAL recently aired a special called Pandemic Generation: Kids in Crisis and last week, the CBS News program 60 Minutes spotlighted the plight in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which has the fifth highest increase of adolescent self-harm and attempted suicide.

And while the pandemic certainly accelerated the crisis, mental health experts now say even before COVID, the number of kids saying they felt hopeless or suicidal was up 40% since 2009!

Why am I sharing this with you?

First, to thank you for standing on the frontlines with hurting kids.

You know it’s a daily battle we wage against the prince of this world, Satan.  And, though you know the ultimate war has been won, the “Enemy schemes against us.”  (2 Corinthians 2:10-11)

Second, I’m asking you to please consider giving a gift as a part of our Superheroes for Hope campaign. (Your gift will be DOUBLED immediately!)

Your philanthropy is desperately needed to fund the care and feeding of our 17 horses for a full year. 

Please help the horses that help kids heal. 


In Hope,

Kim Tschirret
Founder & CEO
Hope Reins