Watch How a Horse’s Super Strength Inspires Confidence.

I want to introduce you to D’Marte.

In his early childhood, D’Marte never knew stability. He suffered through physical abuse and neglect.

But this resilient young man has forged a path of healing with his adoptive family and because of your support at Hope Reins.

Watch his video:

Friend, it’s not just horses that possess superpowers.

You do, too.

Because the power to heal at the ranch begins with you. These gentle giants, your ‘hooves’ on the ground, require an immense amount of tender loving care.

It’s a herculean effort keeping a herd of 17 horses healthy, trained, and ready to befriend kids who are suffering.

That herculean effort equates to $175,000 a year, in fact! And that’s the goal for Superheroes for Hope!

Please consider giving a gift right now.

BEST OF ALL: Your gift is DOUBLED IMMEDIATELY … $100 is $200; $1,000 is $2,000! And so on … up to the $75,000 match!

You know Jesus is the one, true Healer. But it’s your generosity that starts the journey of faith and healing for kids like D’Marte.

Give a gift today and be a Superhero for Hope! Thank you.


In Hope,

Kim Tschirret
Founder & CEO
Hope Reins