Timothy could be Tom Sawyer. Fair-skinned with dark, curly hair and an endearing Southern twang, the 10-year-old lived a lifetime of unforgettable adventures with his Dad. From storm chasing to four-wheeling, his precious memories are vivid. Sadly, so is the day his Dad died.

It was Superbowl Sunday. After hearing a loud crash, Timmy raced to the bottom of the driveway to find his Dad lying on the side of the road, struck by a speeding car.

He never woke up.

Timothy is a Kairos Kid at Hope Reins. They experience a depth of trauma most kids never do. And, they need Hope Reins’ services immediately.

Because of generous donors like you, Timmy’s hiked, fished and learned to ride horses at the ranch.

Most importantly, he’s reconnected with the outside world after shutting himself off in a dark room for months.

“I feel like I’ve got a little bit of my boy back,” says his Mom, Heather. Read more about his story at CBS 17.

When asked what advice he’d give to other kids like him, Timothy says, “I would say, try your best to keep living.”

Timmy is Hoofin’ It and walking for the thousands of kids who need the true hope & healing found at Hope Reins. Support him today by pledging to his Hoofin’ It Team!

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