Good Egg #5: Program Specialist Karen Bear

A year ago, Karen faced a frightening breast cancer diagnosis. After 12 weeks of chemotherapy, 21 daily radiation treatments and ongoing immunotherapy, she’s back serving as a Program Specialist and trainer to our beloved Clydesdale, Tessa.

“I really missed the euphoric feeling of running my hands and fingers through horsehair,” says Karen. “But most of all, I missed the Hope Reins community. The kids, families, my colleagues. Our hearts are knitted together by our love for the ranch and desire to support one another’s healing.”

Just last month, Tessa also faced a cancer diagnosis and underwent surgery to remove a cancerous lesion in her right eye. Thankfully, the pathologist reported clear margins for our girl. Her eyes will be closely monitored and shielded by a mask daily to protect against harmful UV rays.

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