You Gave Cate the Gift of Safety After a Terrible Accident.

 The Christmas Gift X2 

 22 Kids Sponsored.
 28 to Go!

Do you remember Cate?

You gave her the gift of safe sanctuary at Hope Reins after her twin brother was killed in a terrible accident.

An unmanned dump truck careened down a hill and rolled into the family’s front yard where 5-year-old Everett played.

Cate and her family picked up the pieces of their life at Hope Reins because of your generosity.

“Just getting through that first year seemed insurmountable,” says Ashley, Cate’s mom.

“I remember our first day at the ranch, we felt like we were the only people that mattered. We were surrounded by calm and people with open hearts and compassion.”

When you give a Christmas gift today to Hope Reins, you’re supporting kids just like Cate who desperately need a protected space.  Especially the first year after their trauma.

(Today: 10-year-old Cate is thriving because of you.)

You provide a healing respite where kids and families can grieve openly while learning to feel safe again.

And, you hold twice the power today to help our remaining 22 kids that wait to be sponsored next year. Any any gift you give will DOUBLE automatically today (up to 150K!).

It’s a rare gift you give.  A Christmas gift that won’t be unwrapped and discarded or forgotten.

“I want to also tell donors that they gave Cate the gift of knowing she mattered, too. So much emphasis was on our loss with Everett.  Her little heart was so full when she’d leave the ranch.”

REMEMBER: If you haven’t had the chance to write your check or donate online, please visit, today!

Because the pain these kids face never takes a holiday, even at Christmas.

Hope Reins would not exist if it wasn’t for generous donors like you.  So thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

Thank you!

In Hope,

Kim Tschirret
Founder & CEO
Hope Reins

PS GIVING ALERT: Did you know that Hope Reins can take your stock donation? Please contact Shawnte’ Williams at 616-862-4423 for further information.