A $12,000 Dental Bill

You can imagine what a herculean effort it is keeping a herd of 18 horses healthy, trained, and ready to befriend kids who are suffering.

For example, my jaw just dropped yesterday when I saw a $12,000 dental bill for them!

Yes, the heroic horses you love definitely require dentistry services on occasion.  Horses are amazingly effective therapy partners, but can be expensive as well— especially when they are members of a rescued, aging herd.

This is just one of the many reasons I’m so incredibly grateful for you and your generosity.

We could never, ever help kids who are victims of trauma without your support of these magnificent creatures that help them heal.

That’s why heroes like you are so desperately needed.

You hold twice the power in your hands today to TRAIN, FEED and HEAL Dolly and Sammy. Because when you take action immediately, your gift will DOUBLE.

Please consider pulling out your checkbook or visiting our website at hopereins.org/donate. Writing a check or donating online any amount will be DOUBLED immediately.

But please do it now before the matched funds run out!  (And before the next dental visit!)

Thank you for your incredible generosity.

In Hope,

Kim Tschirret
Founder & CEO
Hope Reins

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