Did you know that young kids view death as temporary? Instead of understanding the finality of death, they may wait or even prepare for the deceased person to return.

I know.  It’s heartbreaking.

That’s why I want to introduce you to Cash and Bria, two young siblings who recently lost their mother to cancer.

They’ve also been waiting for a spot at Hope Reins for six months.

As you can imagine, healing at Hope Reins would be a life-changing Christmas gift to them both.

Especially six-year old Cash.

According to his dad, he’s a ‘ball of energy.’  But his grief is buried deep.  He’s angry and fearful, taking out his aggressions on his older sister, who’s grappling with her mom’s death as well.

Today, you can give the gift of peace and healing to Cash and Bria.

The human-equine bond fosters calm amidst chaos. Bereaved kids build grief-processing skills at Hope Reins while taking a break from grieving. 

It’s going to take a while for them to heal and reclaim normalcy.

But your gift will change the trajectory of a family’s life. 

Kids learn the healing power and love of Christ because you give.

Thank you!  Merry Christmas.